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Fibershed Hosts Clean Cashmere Cultivating American Cashmere

On February 8th, 2023 Clean Cashmere owners Christine and Heidi had the pleasure of talking with farmers, artists and industry people all over the U.S about growing the cashmere community. This presentation began with the obvious, what Clean Cashmere has created with the American cashmere market has never been done before. During this 45 minute presentation Christine and Heidi explain the many aspects as to why this venture has never been explored and why now is the right time to do so !

The Back Story ........

Fiber market value has led to a fragmented fiber processing infrastructure, making it difficult for fibers to get a return on investment. Even with the recent increase in attention paid to consumer education and marketing of American wool, fiber farmers still struggle due to the lack of solution-aimed research on the fragmented supplier consumer infrastructure that farmers must navigate. Retailers have been losing sight of the origins of where their cashmere comes from. The long and complex supply chains are one symptom of the fog that handlers of the fiber face as the fiber moves from farm to consumer. Brands are being held increasingly accountable for what happens along their supply chains. Terms like traceability, chain of custody, supply chain mapping and transparency are becoming increasingly common in brand communications, with both consumers and regulators pushing to know more about where their clothes/fiber originate. The ever-rising increase in the number of consumers attracted to products with sustainable eco-friendly practices, looking to support American agriculture, has pivoted the textile industry to consider sourcing more locally produced raw materials. However, in regard to cashmere the US supply chain has been non-existent to date.

The Takeaway ......

Find out how adding cashmere goats with a direct consumer supply chain can provide a value added product. Clean Cashmere's business model is explained in detail with its deeply rooted relationships supporting and cultivating the farmer, the mill, the artist and the educated consumer.

Contact Christine & Heidi at for questions or further discussion.

To watch this episode click below and use passcode :$L&#08!2

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