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Meet the Herd

Meet our farmers that have qualified to join our Clean Cashmere Herd! These farms are of various sizes and all are compliant with Clean Cashmere's standards of animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and cashmere production. Interested in joining our herd? Email Heidi or Christine.

We can't wait to hear from you!

1-50 Goats

Forelocks & Fleece Farm

Merrill, WI
Michelle and Jon Smith
1-50 Goats

Dough Haven Farm

Easton, NY
Mary Marchewka & David DeLaMater
51-100 Goats

Restoration Grazing

Beaumont, KS
Rex Rutledge & Susan Elder
200+ Goats

Myers Family Farm

Sapulpa, OK
Gene & Heidi Dickens
1-50 Goats

McClure Farm

Riverton, KS
Dorothy & Austin McClure
1-50 Goats

Hermit Pond Farm

Brookfield, NY
Pam Haendle
1-50 Goats

MK Ranch

Kingsley, MI
Molly K. Stieg
1-50 Goats

White Chimneys Farm

Port Murray, NJ
Lorene Lavora & Drina Duryea
1-50 Goats

Hulse Hill Farm

Fly Creek, NY
Christine McBrearty-Hulse
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