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Hand knits made with our yarn should never be machine washed. We reccommend hand washing items in warm water. A soap or shampoo with a neutral pH (7) should be mixed into the wash water before the cashmere item is added. Allow the cashmere item to soak in the wash water for 10-15 minutes to allow complete saturation. Do not aggitate or rub the cashmere item to prevent felting of the fibers. Prepare a second bath of warm water to rinse the cashmere item. Remove hand knit from rinse bath and gently hand press to remove the excess water. DO NOT WRING. Cashmere items may be placed flat in a towel and pressed to remove additional water. Block item on a drying mat to desired shape and size and allow item to air dry completely. Cashmere fiber is naturally self-cleaning and should only be washed when visably dirty and before off-season storage.    


Cashmere garnments and accessories are comfortable to wear year-around. It is advisable to allow fitted garments 24-48 hours rest between wearings. This will allow the cashmere fibers to return to their natural shape and prevent overstretching and saging. It is natural for some pilling to occur when cashmere fiber experiences friction. Pills should be gently removed when they occur. Be aware that stiches may felt together in cashmere garments that experience both friction and moisture (sweat) while being worn.  


It is advisable to carefully store your handknits at all times to avoid damage from house pets and insects. When storing for extended periods, we reccommend placing cleaned cashmere items in a sealable cloth bag to prevent moth damage. Items should be kept in a dry, cool, and dark environment.


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