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Keepsafe Storage Bags

Keepsafe Storage Bags

Your knitted garments deserve the proper storage in order to be kept safe from sunlight, pests, and pets. This is the reason we designed the Keepsafe Storage Bag. These bags are custom created from surplus designer interior fabrics and individually sown by Heidi's long-time friend Lea Henley. Each bag is lined and closes with a zipper to let air in and keep critters OUT! Keepsafe Bags can be purchased individually to customize your storage needs. Our large bag (24" x 15") is designed to hold 4 rolled sweaters or 4-6 rolled shawls. The small bag (12" x 15") will hold 2-3 rolled shawls, 5-6 rolled cowls, or 10-12 stacked hats. Once full, these bags will store perfectly on a closet shelf or in a dresser drawer while looking beautiful and tidy. These one-of-a-kind Keepsafe Storage Bags will easily hold all your projects each season or make a fabulous addition with a knitted gift. Start storing your handknit projects the way they deserve and protect your creative investment!


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