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Hulse Hill Farm

Fly Creek, NY

Hulse Hill Farm


We are a small homestead farm located in the beautiful Leatherstocking region of New York, within a few minutes drive from Cooperstown’s Main Street. We started out with a few chickens and soon caught the farm fever, slowly adding gardens, more chickens and eventually a few cashmere goats!

We love to share the joys of farm life and all this beautiful countryside has to offer and invite you to ‘Experience the Farm’ and join us for a stay!

Hulse Hill Farm offers an enchanting rural setting that is perfect for a relaxing time in the country.



Fly Creek, NY




1-50 Goats

Herd Size:

Available Services & Activities:

Airbnb, Farm Shop, Goat Hikes, Farm Tours, Farm Workshops

On-Farm Stay:



Farm Website:


Meet the Farmers

Christine McBrearty-Hulse

Farmer bio coming soon.

Farm Interview

Why Cashmere?

These animals are a versatile addition to any small or large farm. Not only in the aspect of their beautiful fiber (which tends to have little quality variation as they age) , but for meat , pelts, and pasture management. Oh .. and who doesn't love goats ?

Biggest Challenge?

Breeding program support . Connecting with good bucks for continued genetic quality.

Biggest Successes?

Raising cashmeres with award winning fleeces !

Do you view farming as more of a business or a lifestyle?


What are the biggest changes you've implemented?

Biggest change recently is our pasture management program to cut cost on hay . Adding 1 acre-2 acre plots to rotate every two weeks. Challenges include connecting with breeding stock since our farms are so far apart. Support with AI options would be helpful.

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