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About Us

Clean Cashmere is pioneering the way to growing the American cashmere industry. Clean Cashmere creates a natural high quality luxury fiber that is manufactured entirely in the USA directly benefiting American farmers and accessible to all. We provide our consumers with a  direct connection to the American cashmere farmer and the American farmer to the customer. Clean Cashmere’s ease of accessibility and traceability make it simple and easy to find high-quality cashmere products that you can feel good about buying.

When you purchase from Clean Cashmere you’ll know that you’re positively impacting more than just yourself  — you’re impacting our nation!

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American Cahmere

By working directly with our cashmere herders, we’ve created a beneficial relationship where we help farmers generate income from their herds while we get high-quality cashmere in return. Clean Cashmere also supports farmer education with onsite farm visits to aid in best practices. We provide mentoring and education to our farms to ensure responsible and cruelty-free harvesting practices as well as verify the veterinary care for the animals behind our raw materials.

American Farmer Sourced

Ethical Cashmere

Cashmere, Consciously Made

We meet our farmers in person to ensure animal welfare and social conditions are respected. This approach ensures our cashmere is traceable all the way to our dehairing mill. We work to protect the planet through these partnerships and are committed to ethical and environmental standards, keeping a low carbon footprint, and all the while enhancing American regenerative agricultural practices.

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Timeless Cashmere

A Timeless Fiber - Just In Time

We are proud to bring cashmere back to the forefront of the U.S. fiber industry. 98% of worldwide cashmere is sourced from either China or Mongolia. Concerns with environmental impact due to overgrazing correlates with shortening fiber lengths affecting quality and longevity. While there are lots of inferior cashmere products out in the world, nothing can compare to our high-quality, luxury fiber that is truly an American treasure.

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