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A Little knotty Tie

Pattern by Andrea Alison Yates

Yarn Weight: Sport (12 wpi)

Recommended Yarn: PREMIUM Yarn

Gauge: 13 stitches and 15 rows = 2 inches in Textured stitch

Needle Size: US 4 / 3.5 mm

Yardage: 100 - 200 yards

Sizes Available: short & long

Length from tip to tip: approx. 80 (102) cm [31½ (40¼) inches]

Width at center: 11 (13) cm [4¼ (5) inches]

Pattern Cost: $9.75 USD

If you haven’t tried Knitrino yet: you can use the code newfriends for a special price.


A Little Knotty is a small necktie in our own Shepherding Pure Cashmere, in partnership with the wonderful women at Clean Cashmere, a decadent yarn making this the perfect gift to yourself (or someone you REALLY love!) This necktie is available in 2 lengths and is easily customizable. Best of all, it features a faux knot that is cleverly engineered and easy to make, just tuck the end through and it keeps it snug against your neck!

CONSTRUCTION The necktie is worked flat from one pointy end to the other. After the first lace tip is established, the stitches are split onto 2 needles, where front and back layers are worked separately in ribbing. The stitches are then recombined on one needle, creating a tube/hole through which the other end of the necktie will be inserted.

This necktie has two length options, one makes a short tie similar to the scarves made in the 40s and 50s. The longer length is designed to wrap around the neck twice.

WHY KNITRINO? Founded by knitting sisters Andrea & Alison, Knitrino is crafted on the sense of family and community central to the fiber arts. Knitrino is a place for people to share their knowledge, connect and feel part of a wider group of makers with at least one thing in common: a passion for knitting. It’s Knitrino’s goal to make it easy for people to return to making, support small farms, reconnect with their roots and feel present in this world we live in.

Knitrino publishes “friendly” patterns. Think of it like Google Maps for navigating a knitting pattern: Click a stitch to see how to do it, highlight your current place, track your progress step by step, see charts in your yarn colors, see only your size, and more. Knitrino’s goal is to make knitting more accessible, and to help people grow into the knitters they aspire to be!

ABOUT CLEAN CASHMERE Clean Cashmere is a company run by cashmere growers Heidi Dickens and Christine McBrearty-Hulse who are dedicated to growing a sustainable, ethical cashmere industry in the US by partnering with small farms across the country. No one we know is more dedicated to their herds, the families who run small farms, and the quality of every fiber selected to make these beautiful yarns. This is a yarn meant to be made into heirlooms that last for generations.

Tag us on Instragram @knitrino and use #ALittleKnottyTie so we can see your beautiful knits!

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