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Forelocks & Fleece Farm

Merrill, WI

Forelocks & Fleece Farm

Cashmere and fine Shetland fleece emphasizing on the well-being of each individual, creating a healthy herd as a whole.

Forelocks and Fleece Farm started out in 2008 as a small hobby farm that filled Jon's wish for horses, along with some chickens, and rabbits for both of the kids. Our first experience with goats was two bottle babies, which grew up with the kids. In 2017, our farm started to expand, we added a miniature donkey and 2 Angora goats, sparking an interest in fiber animals. Jumping forward to 2021, we added a flock of 8 Shetland sheep, diving headfirst into the world of fleeces and fibers. Goats have such a wonderful personality, we decided to get more in 2023 and after months of research, a trip was taken to Indiana to get our first 4 Cashmere goats, soon followed by 2 more. The farm is Michelle's retirement project, it has just recently been registered as an LLC, and there are big plans in the works.



Merrill, WI




1-50 Goats

Herd Size:

Available Services & Activities:

None at the moment

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Meet the Farmers

Michelle and Jon Smith

Jon and Michelle moved to Merrill in 2004, to a rural property outside of town. Both having a love of animals, they decided starting a hobby farm would be perfect for them. Over the past few years, the farm has grown and introduced sheep and Cashmere goats. Michelle manages the farm while working full-time as a pharmacist, and still finds time for birding and sewing. Jon is a high school chemistry and physics teacher, houseplant caretaker, and skilled woodworker.

Farm Interview

Why Cashmere?

When the kids were little we got a couple bottle kids from a local dairy goat farm. We fell in love with the personality of goats. After acquiring sheep and getting into fiber, cashmere goats were the next step.

Biggest Challenge?

Getting started with really no experience.

Biggest Successes?

I have healthy animals!

Do you view farming as more of a business or a lifestyle?

I view farming as more of a lifestyle.

What have been the biggest changes you've implemented on your farm?

We are in the process of building a new barn, we have outgrown the original.

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