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Hermit Pond Farm

Brookfield, NY

Hermit Pond Farm

Quality fiber on healthy, happy goats.

I started with 6 white goats who were direct descendants of the first goats imported into the U.S. from New Zealand - and no clue about animal husbandry or management. I quickly discovered CGA (then ECA) and devoured the information they offered. I participated in every show, competition and educational program I could find through ECA and Cornell. I purchased breeding stock from farms in Maine, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont. The farm reached its peak about a decade ago, with about 100 animals. I have generally favored slightly smaller animals and have enjoyed branching out into black, brown, and silver goats with both long and short guard hair.



Brookfield, NY




1-50 Goats

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Meet the Farmers

Pam Haendle

I'm a former musician turned computer analyst, now very happily retired from the corporate world. I bought a farm without a plan, then fell in love with goats, and then learned that goats could be raised for fiber. I have been raising cashmere goats for 26 years now, and I'm very grateful to have fallen into a very satisfying and rewarding flavor of farming that can be managed by one little old lady.

Farm Interview

Why Cashmere?

First, the discovery that goats could be charming and managed by one small person. Second, the discovery that goats produced cashmere!

Biggest Challenge?

Handling the big fellows has become a challenge as I age.

Biggest Successes?

The goats keep me going and keep me amused, and that is enough!

Do you view farming as more of a business or a lifestyle?

A lifestyle

What have been the biggest changes you've implemented on your farm?

I have moved away from the "fuzzballs" - goat with very short guard hair - that I started with. Now, as I recognize that kids born this year could be around when I am 88, I am cutting back on the herd significantly.

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