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MK Ranch

Buckley, MI

MK Ranch

Eyes on the sky with arms wide open

I decided to name my farm MK Ranch because of my open mind and large dreams. Operating on 75 acres in the up most part of northern mid west, I find this to be an adventure that will not end, always expanding my mind to new ideas and one that I am taking on with the thrill and grace of the faith I have. I believe God gave me this opportunity to share and that is what I plan to do. I would like to offer farm visits for therapy to people who deal with mental difficulties, children needing confidence and anyone interested in getting a taste of farm life. I have a growing herd of 18 Cashmeres with chickens, kitties, seasonly turkeys and other critters that come my way, it seems to change yearly. I love them while they are here to the best of my ability. And always a trusty farm dog. Right now a German Shepherd named Booker. As my farm finds it feet and gets going there will be new things to see all the time. Thank you all. From Molly in Michigan.



Buckley, MI




1-50 Goats

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Meet the Farmers

Molly K. Stieg

Greetings, my name is Molly, my journey began with an opportunity to live at a set up family farm of my father-in-laws. I was very eager to start a farming adventure and had saved money to do so. I had Nubian goats as a young teenager and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately that was a short glimpse of farm life, but I was hooked. So with a lot of research and a desire to find a breed that fit my interests, I landed on cashmere goats. Actually I was in love right away when I discovered them. Little did I know they would be a perfect fit. I loved the fact of every one having value, for the fleece, no dealing with unwanted bucklings and wethers, they still have value! Also the acceptance of their horns! I think they are gorgeous and needed. I got used to them fairly quickly, after being too comfy too soon and gaining respect for the animal and how they use them. Impressive. I found my starter herd with Emily at Weesner Bittersweet Farm. So 9 Cashmeres were delivered by a livestock moving company and my adventures began. I have had them almost 3yrs. now and I can't imagine what my life was without them nor can I imagine my life without them now! So thrilled to be apart of this budding industry and willing to give it my all to watch my herd grow and prosper!

Farm Interview

Why Cashmere?

I love the old ways and growing fiber appealed to me. I bought a spinning wheel and plan to learn to knit. I'm so looking forward to learning the whole process. Like farm to table, this is farm to back.

Biggest Challenge?

Fencing for sure

Biggest Successes?

Learning their nutritional needs. The importance of minerals.

Do you view farming as more of a business or a lifestyle?

It's both, but it's definitely a lifestyle. Business mind when hard decisions need to be made or finding outlets for product and harvesting cashmere. Lifestyle because of loving caring for the animals and doing it to the best of my ability day after day.

What have been the biggest changes you've implemented on your farm?

Pasture rotation. Figuring out separate set ups for winter and summer.

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