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Cashmere Felted Cat Toy

Cashmere Felted Cat Toy

Our felted cashmere balls are the perfect way to entertain your pet.  Infused with our all natural catnip oil for a no mess toy!  Each gift bag includes three playful hand designed balls with a 1 oz.  spray bottle of our all natural cat nip oil. Each ball has a bell or crinkle center that adds in keeping your cat's attention with this playful toy. 

This product is made from our cashmere fiber 'drop" from the mill. Cradle-to-cradle is a circular model that minimizes waste and keeps resources in use for as long as possible. Considered a “closed-loop” that promotes sustainability and strives for zero waste through reduction, reuse, and recycling. Clean Cashmere is happy to step in and put this cashmere by-product to use!

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