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Clean up with this rinse-free, environmentally-friendly formulation. It’s perfect for washing your hand made creations – and showing your laundry (and the planet) some love.


Made with plant derived and renewable ingredient, biodegradable, dye-free, phosphate-free, and lanolin-free.


We LOVE all the Soak varieties:


Scentless- For your sensitive side, Clean and completely fragrance-free


Lacy- Material girl, Blend of the soft scent of spring blossoms with the

spicy sweetness of bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance.


Yuzu- Clean with a peel.  A kiss of tart citrus and crushed eucalyptus.

It’s fresh, sweet and undeniably delicious.


Celebrations- Good clean fun. Sweet, delicate and absolutely delicious. Essence of red rooibos tea - balances sweetness and softness.


Pineapple Grove- Sweet on the inside, Sparkling top notes of Sweet Orange are fused with the soothing floral scent of Lilies. Tangy,

tropical Pineapple, Orchid and Melon dance through the heart; and evolve into a sophisticated dry down of Sheer Musk.


Fig Fresh- picked clean. Ripened fig and lychee and crowned by

dandelions. Leave a hint of sweetness.


Wild Mint- Adventure. Bright, clean scent of mint, spicy geranium and citrus.


Hand-wash: 1 tsp in 1 gallon warm water. Soak for 15 minutes. Gently squeeze. No need to rinse. Lay knits flat to dry.