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Cashmere Roving

Cashmere Roving

A handspinners dream come true! Pure, 100% American cashmere pin drafted roving in both white and taupe. This heavenly fiber comes in 1 ounce hanks ready to spin into your own custom cashmere yarn.  


Don't feel ready to spin cashmere? We've got you. We also blended up a lovely 50% cashmere/50% merino mix for a perfect introduction to spinning with cashmere fiber.  This merino comes from the natural color merino flock of Andy McMurry in Missouri. Andy and his wife run Genopallete and raise some of the finest micron Merino in the US. This pin drafted roving is available in natural taupe in 1 ounce hanks.

PURE - 100% American cashmere,

PRIME - 50% American cashmere/50% American Merino,

Approximately 1 ounce/ 28 grams,



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